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3d Modeling

3D Modeling

Having trouble imagining the new addition to your building? Not sure how your new facility will look from the road? If you are not a design professional, chances are you have a hard time understanding the three-dimensional implications of two-dimensional drawings. With our state-of-the-art CAD and Rendering software and unparalleled experience, we can allow you to walk through your facility before you commit to building it!

Our models can be used to show the master plan for your entire site or demonstrate how your new piece of process equipment will be brought into the building. Our modeling capabilities eliminate lost time due to unforseen facility or process equipment interferences and can show you the sequence of operation before the heavy equipment arrives. While many firms have in-house modeling capabilities, Context Design Group sets itself apart by creating 3D images of your facility faster than anyone in the marketplace. With remarkable quickness and flexibility, Context Design Group can deliver:

- 3D models from simple to complex

- 2D CAD drawings extracted from 3D models

- Photo-realistic renderings from any location or angle

- Electronic deliverables that prevent redundant design/drafting work

- Dynamic fly-around or walk-through animations

- Equipment installations and removal sequencing


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