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Master Planning

Master Planning

The day-to-day dynamics of running your business result in continual changes in your facility, process, equipment, and financial and administrative tools. Without a clear long-term master plan, short term reactions to current business conditions often limit options for future growth and frequently have high budget and schedule impacts in the future. Context Design Group sets itself apart by always considering your fundamental, long-term business and operational goals. Our Master Planning services assist you in analyzing your short- and long-term business goals to define an optimal plan for your current business as well as its future growth. Because we always consider facility, process, logistics, and finances, Context Design Group is uniquely qualified to create the right solution for your business.

Unlike most design firms, we understand that your production and operational requirements are critical to your success. Driven by your key business goals and core manufacturing philosophy, the Master Planning Process results in:

- Facility analysis and recommendations

- Operational analysis/recommendations

- Integrated Facility/Operational Conceptual Plans

- Phased facility design and Site Master Plan

- Architectural/Corporate Image

- Project Cost Justification and Budgetary Cost Estimates

- Implementation Schedule

Our Master Planning document is the result of our goal focused, team-driven analysis. This document becomes a record of the project scope, and a guideline for detailed architectural and engineering design, contractor selection, cost and schedule tracking, and equipment installation. Master Planning helps your business maximize its market position and provides a well-defined road map for near-term as well as future growth.


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