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Our Company

Context Design Group, LLC was formed to provide clients with totally integrated design and planning services to align their facility and business objectives. At Context, we understand that your building environment must respond to your operational objectives-we call it Process Focused Design. Our responsive and flexible business methods allow us to understand, analyze, and prioritize the "big picture" objectives of your organization.

At Context, no detail is insignificant; we develop targeted solutions for the creation of a process building and operational master plan to fit your business environment. Using proven programming techniques, analysis methodology, and design processes, we help our clients understand how their facility should respond to the changing needs of their business.

We are unparalleled in our understanding of the interrelationship of your business' facility, process, and organization. Our strategic services provide the necessary link to allow your company to refine its operating philosophy and create a streamlined operational structure of the future.

Context Design Group provides architectural, process integration, programming, master planning, 3D modeling and visualization, program management, and consulting services to our clients. In addition to our in-house services, we have assembled a team of like-minded companies who have special expertise in complimentary fields. Together with these partners, Context can offer the following fully integrated services:

- Site Selection and Incentive Negotiations

- Front-End Planning and Conceptual Facility/Process Design

- Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy & Implementation

- Process Integration, Flow Analysis, & Equipment Layout

- Materials Handling Design

- Detailed Engineering

- Process Equipment Installation & Hook-up

- Design/Build Services or Construction Management

Whether Industrial, Commercial, or Residential, the design solution needs to fit the context of the situation. At Context Design Group, we are dedicated to helping our clients develop long-term solutions to meet their business strategies.


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