BMW, NA   Oxnard, CA

Programming & Schematic Design for New Engineering & Environmental Testing Facility

  • CDG Role: Architect / Programming / Masterplanning
  • Year Completed: 1997
  • Project Size: 85,000 SF
  • Project Cost: $10M

Context Design Group’s Key Personnel provided Architectural Programming, Conceptual Design and Site Master Planning for an 85,000 SF Engineering & Environmental Testing Lab Facility in Oxnard, California.  The facility was planned for an 18.4 Acre site within 1 mile of the Pacific Ocean and 2 miles from the West Coast Port of Oxnard.

The building was designed to accommodate the relocation of the Western Region Offices of BMW, NA and Environmental/Emissions Testing Lab from a leased site in Los Angles to a BMW owned site in Oxnard.

The Engineering Test facility is comprised of three BMW, NA departments (EG-41/Rover Prototypes, Environmental Engineering & Product/Service Engineering). 

In addition to design of the new functions at the Oxnard Site, Our Team evaluated overall flow of the existing Vehicle Preparation Center (VPC) and made recommendations for streamlining existing operations.  The New VPC Design Considerations make changes to the overall flow along with the addition of a New “State of the Art” Paint Line for the additional Rover Product Line activities.

The Engineering/Testing Facility is designed to support the various functions associated with each of the three user groups along with needed support / office functions.

Testing Functions consist of High & Medium Security Product Development Test Areas, Part/Supply Storage areas, Vehicle Soak Rooms, 4 Dyno Stations, 2 VT Shed’s, 1 Running/Loss Shed, ORVR Shed, Fuel Shed/Stations and Product/Service Engineering Functions.


This project was completed as a Simons Engineering Project