North American Sales & Demonstration

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Starlinger/Sahm commissioned Context to design a new North American Sales & Demonstration Facility in Greenville, SC. The building will showcase their leading position in the manufacture of machinery and process technology for woven plastic sack production and PET recycling. The program includes 9,000 sf for administration and showroom and 25,000 sf for process including a research laboratory.


The strong diagonal axis bisects the facility highlighting the Sahm showroom located at a critical corner of the site with the Starlinger showroom is located at an opposing corner. The aggregate structural system seamlessly supports both grids. The system exemplifies an economy of material and also future-readies the plant with expansion capability in every detail and connection. Designing for this likelihood allows Starlinger/Sahm to focus on critical functional needs while making the most of their initial investment.


The office exterior is composed of extensive low-E glazing and a metal rain screen. Ample light permeates the inner portions of the office through glazing at the second-level partition walls. Nearly every angle of the office views the assembly area benefiting both staff and potential clients.