Expansion for Manufacturing, Corporate Office, Human Resources, Employee Entry and Cafeteria

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Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company brought Context Design Group on board to lead the design effort for the company’s major expansion to their facility in Liberty, SC. As RASCO expands their major production lines, additional manufacturing space, warehousing, and Office support area expansions became necessary.


The centerpiece of the Office expansion is a large cafeteria equipped to handle the large employee workforce during meal-times as well as company meetings and events. This room utilizes an exposed truss system and long-span roof deck, emphasizing the structure as an aesthetic element. In the manufacturing expansion, the design team developed an intricate series of pits, trenches, and under-slab drainage system feeding process water run-off to an evaporator room. The infrastructure design allows RASCO to have flexibility in future equipment arrangements while keeping the Production floor clear of obstructions.


CDG also planned the complex sequencing of existing office areas to be renovated once the expansion is completed. This sequencing was coordinated with the Contractor to ensure there are no interruptions to all process and support functions.

The site planning process involved creating new truck circulation paths around the facility to create a more efficient logistical flow on-site. The new layout also allows for controlled entry points at new guard-houses to create a more secure facility - a driving factor in many new industrial projects. The site layout provides infrastructure for a future facility on-site that may utilize the same vehicular flows.


Providing a seamless transition that meshes with the existing facility while avoiding process interruptions is the hallmark of CDG.