North Main Street Restaurant Uplift

To further their goal to expand the Liquid Highway franchise throughout South Carolina, Liquid America turned to Context Design Group to develop a custom renovation for their coffee restaurant. The renovation project is located at the Hyatt hotel in downtown Greenville, SC. Working with the client, Context Design Group developed a solution that would both provide a unique experience and features a look that is distinctive to the Liquid Highway franchise. This was achieved through the interior finishes, equipment arrangement, and the organizational layout.

Context Design Group designed the equipment layout to be efficiently maneuverable and functional for the staff. The restaurant featured a distinctive custom designed serving counter which incorporates a stylish gelato case and pastry case. The counter was arranged to direct the circulation of the serving process from the order station to the pick-up station. The barista stations are positioned behind the serving counter to allow the coffee preparation process to be visible to the Liquid Highway costumers. However, support functions such as the dishwashing station are located in the rear of the building hidden from the patrons’ view.


To ensure that the renovation’s interior finishes will have an impact on Liquid Highway’s patrons, Context Design Group incorporated the latest finish materials. The restaurant features a unique floor pattern which integrated contrasting floor tiles to create an appealing aesthetic. The renovation’s lighting also served to assist the development of the distinct image of the restaurant with the use of a variety of fixtures such as recessed and suspended lights.