New Facility, Warehouse and Office

Context Design Group completed the design of a new Warehouse and Office facility for Fresh Water Systems, Inc. in Greenville, SC. This 63,000SF structure will serve as the company’s distribution hub and headquarters for the corporate office and showcase their commitment to lessening the environmental impacts from their business.

The program is anchored by the 42,000 SF distribution warehouse with super-flat floors designed to accommodate narrow-aisle racking and specialized forklifts in order to maximize the storage area of the structure. For the Warehouse, CDG utilized a full precast concrete structure -- insulated precast concrete walls with structural double-tees for the roof structure. The precast construction minimizes interior framing needs, provides a thermally-efficient building envelope, greatly minimizes the future building maintenance needs, and results in a substantial construction savings and shorter erection schedule to that of a conventional steel structural system.


The project site fronts the interstate providing an opportunity to showcase the facility in a highly visible location. This facility’s orientation took full advantage of this frontage with a linear two-story office space along the interstate comprised of a full curtain wall facade with exposed steel structure. The orientation and layout of the space create full exterior views from all areas and provide full natural light to the entire office. The office structure takes advantage of multiple other conservative aspects including sunshade devices on the west facing facade, rainwater harvesting, efficient LED lighting and a ductless mechanical system.

A major priority during the design phase was to showcase the company’s commitment to conservation in how the business operates. This is achieved through a light, open structure serving their functional needs while providing a sustainable facility focusing on its environment.