New Industrial Facility

Context Design Group completed the design of a 62,000 square foot manufacturing facility & office headquarters for the German-based corporation that specializes in metal stamping, punching, and bending parts for the automotive industry. The facility’s manufacturing area is broken down into bays (corresponding to bridge crane bays) coinciding with the material flow separating different processes due to environmental requirements and to counteract sound issues from the loud stamping process. CDG introduced innovative acoustical design features throughout the facility to counteract the extreme sound associated with the stamping process.

Raw material is unloaded, sorted, and fed into the pressing area located over a 15’ deep pit the length of the building. CDG along with its structural partner, delivered a flexible structural system involving modular piers and floor plates to allow for any future pressing equipment changes without modifying the facility structure. Material then passes to Production & Assembly areas which are open to staging areas for finished product adjacent to the outgoing docks.  A centrally located three-level Mezzanine contains process support areas as well as process-mechanical equipment and electrical equipment.


Kemmerich’s North American headquarters are part of the facility as well, encompassing a 12,000 square foot Office area at the front of the facility.  This wing is divided into manufacturing support (including locker rooms, a Quality lab, and cafeteria) adjacent to the production and an open office area facing the exterior fronting a full glass wall. Private offices are located around the perimeter of the open office area with conference rooms on each end of the building. A public entry and lobby is located on one side of the Office while an employee entry is located on the other side separating the pedestrian flow into the facility.

Context Design Group was responsible for all facets of the design phase including Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical engineering. CDG also developed preliminary cost analysis and produced material handling system specifications for the project helping to shape the process flow of the facility.