Context Design Group believes that excellent architectural design is the joining of the practical requirements with the expressive qualities desired by our clients for their buildings. This union is a complex task that involves both the architect and the client. Successful architecture should be both utilitarian and meet the aesthetic requirements outlined for the project.


Context also frmly believes that a building is much more than four walls and a roof designed to enclose a process and keep the rain out. We strive to design buildings that speak to the Owner’s requirements and represent their corporate culture and character. We believe that by working closely with our clients from beginning to end we can produce a building design that is more than “shade and shelter.” We believe that by incorporating architectural design techniques in a proactive relationship with our clients, that resultant design will not only respond to the functions housed within the walls of the structure but will support and reinforce the processes located within.



The aesthetic side of architecture speaks to many facets of “non-functional” considerations in the design process. Building aesthetics deal with issues pertaining to corporate images, quality of work space, quality of offce space, quality and types of support areas and the selection of appropriate construction materials. Decisions made concerning these issues influence customer and community impressions of the facility and support employee productivity and delight in their work environment. Architecture is a balancing act between the functional and aesthetic considerations of building design. Context Design Group believes that our team of professionals has the experience and expertise to create the proper balance between the functional requirements and aesthetic needs for your future projects. Our team creates buildings which meet and enhance the functional requirements of your project while reflecting desired corporate image and company business goals.


Context Design Group would like to team with your company to make your facility needs become a reality. Call us today to learn how our architectural design team can help you defne your business objectives along with enhancing your corporate image and functionality through the practice of “Industrial Focused Architecture.”