Automotive Sequencing Center

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Context Design Group developed a design for a 362,000sf speculative Automotive Sequencing Center for Volkswagen’s plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The facility is designed to provide flexible multi-tenant space for Volkswagen’s potential Tier 1 & 2 suppliers. The Masterplan has been developed to incorporate Sequencing Pods of 150,000sf which are expandable to 300,000sf on each side of the Central Core. The space is modularized into compartments for Tenants as small as 30,000sf.

The Automotive Sequencing Center is comprised of two main pods to be used for incoming receiving/staging, 3-5 days storage or warehousing, final assembly, outgoing staging/shipping in addition to common office facilities, and a IT/logistics centralized “command center” core. The design incorporates a modular tenant separation to provide ultimate flexibility. The facility can provide space and services to support between 1 & 10 suppliers when fully sub-divided. Sequencing Center’s warehouses are devised to allow the flexibility of facility by up to ten potential suppliers. The facility is designed to by two times for a total of 662,000sf. The office facilities are developed to provide for the suppliers’ administrative functions.  However, the centralized core holds the common functions for the facilities such as the cafeteria, locker rooms, meeting rooms, training space, and a secured lobby.

The building’s is designed to be comprised of a steel frame and incorporates latest building materials. The exterior character is developed to provide energy conserving features such as energy-efficient glazing, insulated metal wall panels, and a precast concrete wall system.