Programming and Conceptual Design

Context Design Group performed Programming services and developed conceptual designs for the BMW Performance Center in Greer, SC.  CDG’s team conducted multiple interview sessions with all departments and leadership parties at the Performance Center to capture the information necessary to develop phased options for expanding the facilities.


The Performance Center encompasses a Driving School with associated track & classroom/conference space, Delivery space for customer’s vehicle pick-ups, Shop & Training space for vehicle maintenance and repair, as well as support spaces serving all programs. This facility is the lone location for these functions for BMW in North America and also serves as a model for dealers throughout the network.  Through the Programming process, CDG captured the current data of programs at the facility, as well as the desired quantities and programs of future use.  These future needs amount to doubling the current output in many cases presenting a significant challenge in expanding the facility.

A phased design/construction schedule is critical for the facility to maintain the current programs at their current levels with no disruption.  The conceptual design options developed by CDG expand and modify areas individually so that only one program is affected at a time and does not impede on other functions.  The support areas (Cafe, Classroom, Toilets, etc.) along with a new Auditorium are completed first to serve the finished facility at full capacity.  The Shop expansion follows including separating the Shop, School, and Parking traffic to create a more efficient flow throughout the site.

A critical need is clean car storage for vehicles between the Detailing & Delivery functions in order to avoid redundant cleaning of the cars.  As a solution, CDG developed conceptual ideas of an automated car stacker utilizing the product as a display element for a company that places an incredible amount of focus on their image.  The stacker and the addition of Delivery rooms on its base serve to take better advantage of the large site the Performance Center entails, making use of the open space that currently serves no purpose and requires much upkeep.

CDG captured the information necessary to develop long-term planning for the Performance Center and the many disciplines included in their business.  This information was used to develop a phased conceptual design solution that would serve their needs while focusing on the primary goals of the Center:  “wowing” the customer through every aspect of their visit while focusing on the strength of the BMW brand.