Context Design Group is unlike most architectural frms, we embrace and specialize in “Process-Focused Design.” In highly effcient manufacturing, the facility design supports the process flow rather than hinders it. We recognize that your project team knows your business better than anyone. By integrating the depth of experience provided by your team with our cross-industry knowledge base, we are able to facilitate the simultaneous creation of site, facility, and process layouts. Our team can work with you to develop the most desirable operational environment for your company and work with you to implement a long-range master plan for optimization and growth.

The key to successful process integration is to first understand the goals and objectives of your business as it is today and analyze the future. Using our unique programming methodology, Context Design Group is able to identify your company’s big picture goals as we as its short- and longterm operational objectives. In preliminary design stages, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your manufacturing process steps and evaluate concepts and techniques associated with the process flow requirements. We develop “what-if” scenarios to cover critical manufacturing issues including:


  • Line vs. Cellular Manufacturing

  • Materials Handling & Automation Operations / Opportunities

  • Impact of Special Operations or New Planned Technology

  • Internal / External Logistics & Supply Chain Techniques

  • Required Degree of Flexibility in Manufacturing Processes

  • Building Systems Interface

After analyzing these issues, our team will finalize the process layout and conceptual facility design. Our team will clearly document all facility and process requirements and work with you to define integration steps for the future. Our attention to detail and extensive cross-industry experience can ensure a seamless transition from concept integration to start of production.