Plant Expansion

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Johnson Controls hired Context Design Group as part of a Design /Build Team,  to design a 17,000SF addition to its CCPM Facility at its current location in West Union, SC. This turned out to be a very demanding project due to the limitations we encountered with the terrain, budget, and schedule. This site produces JIT automotive batteries for the OEM’s in the Southeastern Region of the United States.


The site that the building was situated on offered many unique challenges for our group. First, there were vast amounts of fill, anywhere from 10ft to as much as 18ft deep, needed to put the production floor in-line with the existing operation. Second, because the surrounding elevation of the property was such that it needed to remain below the buildings foundation, a heavily reinforced retaining wall had to be designed and installed to keep the fill in place under the entire addition. Due to the batteries being heavy loads this created a complex structural solution. As seen in the photographs, these problems were overcome and the structure stands out as a great functional design. The project was “Fast Track” in nature and was done on a five and one-half (5-1/2) month schedule from beginning of design to move-in of process equipment.