In today’s lean manufacturing environment, business leaders have more responsibilities and fewer resources. Critical tasks such as the design and construction of new facilities or facility expansions, are frequently outsourced. With capital projects becoming more complex, Context Design Group’s proven Program Management methodology can be the difference between success and failure.


Context Design Group is unique in that we first gain an intimate understanding of your business, facility, and operational goals as well as your specific project requirements. Throughout the project, Context ensures that every decision is made based on these critical success factors. Our vast experience in the Industrial market sector enables us to foresee problems before they arise. Unlike typical program managers, we understand the critical issues associated with facility design and construction, process flow, equipment layout, materials handling, equipment installation, and production start-up.

Our Program Management professionals can provide tremendous value to your team in the following areas:

Conceptual Design/Scope Development:

Context Design Group’s unique programming methodology effectively identifies the critical goals and needs for your project. Our multidisciplinary experience enables us to bring together a wide range of information, understand this information, and use it to create a conceptual facility and process design. After creating the conceptual design in conjunction with your team, Context will work to clearly identify the scope for the project. This identification prevents future conflicts and ensures an accurate project budget.


While many firms design large-scale projects, very few are able to effectively mange the entire design process. Context’s experience in design and design management enables our team to effectively control the design process to maximize the design professionals efficiency and improve the project schedule.


Once design is complete, Context can lead the bidding and contract negotiation efforts. After a contractor is selected, our team will ensure the facility is built in accordance with the design and within the allotted time frame.

Equipment Installation & Start-up:

Completion of the facility is only the beginning. Process equipment installation and start-up is critical to the success of every project. Context can manage this effort to ensure your production requirements are met.