Prototype Drive-Thru Restaurant

The Liquid Highway Prototype, designed for Liquid America, is to be initially located throughout the State of South Carolina. Future plans are to grow throughout the Southeastern United States with the goal of becoming one of the nation’s premiere coffee houses. Liquid America Corporate was looking to expand their marketing image and compete with other coffee house conglomerates and turned to Context Design Group to develop a custom branding solution that would offer a unique experience and attract attention from potential consumers.


The Prototype’s unique design provides Liquid America with the luxury of a short implementation and construction timeframe. This was achieved through developing a simplified building concept with a unique structural frame while minimizing the number of materials used. The building garners the attention of consumers with the unique tree-like structural frame. The entire building is supported by three internal columns. The column members branch out to expose the structural umbrella like roof system. The exterior skin is constructed entirely of colored translucent and opaque glass. Opaque glazing was used to provide concealment of the private support areas of the facility, i.e., restroom, office, and storage while providing a visually interesting architectural treatment of the facade. The goal of the exterior finish is to give the consumer a view of the production activities associates with their order. The interior layout is designed to create competition between the two baristas teams. The design incorporates two driver side access windows and a small customer walk-up window.


Context Design Group’s solution supports Liquid America’s “Highway Image” and incorporates the logo’s terra cotta and amber colors within the glazing system.