Programming and Conceptual Design

Context Design Group performed Programming sessions and produced conceptual design ideas for Roy Metal Finishing, a family-owned metal plating company based in Greenville, SC. The CDG team focused on the company’s long-term goals and master plan in gathering information during the sessions while delving into each aspect of their multiple processes to seek ways to streamline the manufacturing methods. The overreaching goal was centered on accessing the viability of the company’s existing facilities and potential need for a future structure.


The initial Programming process focused on developing a process flow of material relating to the multiple lines used by the company. RMF utilizes multiple barrel and rack plating lines geared toward specific product types resulting in a great deal of work involved to transition a line to a new product type. Through careful discussion, the team was able to develop a more efficient production module that is flexible for interchanging different products lines and future lines that may be undertaken. Other restrictive variables affecting future facility needs were pinpointed including material staging/cleaning prior to the plating process as well as finished product storage. CDG captured all of this information in order to recommend multiple options RMF may follow in their master plan and streamline material flow.


Multiple buildings on multiple sites are a current obstacle to the company’s planning process. There is a great deal of support area requirements for the plating process beyond common shipping/receiving and office functions; Quality, labs, and Waste Treatment are necessary adjacent to the operation. CDG noted that current duplication of these support areas at multiple sites would be averted by a single site solution for the company’s master plan. Additionally, CDG reviewed existing facility conditions, noting code deficiencies that would prohibit future renovation/expansion possibilities; thus also contributing to the recommendation of a single site solution.


Through these exercises completed by CDG, RMF was able to develop a master plan for future facility needs in line with their current manufacturing processes while also rethinking the flexibility of their current material and product flows.