New Assembly Plant

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Programming, Schematic Design & Site Master Planning for a New Assembly Plant in Leipzig, Germany due to the involvement of our Staff with the programming and design of Plant 10.1 in Greenville/Spartanburg South Carolina (GSP).

The primary goal of this project was to use our programming process as a tool to blend the lessons learned from the GSP project with planning for the New facility in the former East German area of Leipzig.

Our primary objective was to focus on overall flow and efficiency in layout between the primary process functions (Stamping, Body, Paint, Assembly, and Engines/Castings).

The masterplan is designed to accommodate phased growth up to approximately 3 Million SF.

The programming sessions and resulting deliverables were presented in both German and English to more efficiently document all vital information uncovered during the programming effort and to achieve consensus with all stakeholders in the programming effort.

* Completed as an OA-FMP Project

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