New Industrial Facility

Context Design Group completed the full design for Global Automotive Partner’s (GAP) new facility in Duncan, SC. The facility encompasses a 150,000 s.f. flexible area that may be utilized for multiple uses that satisfy the Owner’s changing requirements along with a 12,000 s.f. office area housing their North American headquarters and operations.


GAP is a prime sequencer for major automotive manufacturers, including BMW locally. Their sequencing processes vary per client, including warehousing, sorting, and some light assembly. The facility’s design provides the necessary infrastructure to allow for these uses to change over time with virtually no required modifications to the facility itself. A pre-engineered structural system was utilized for cost efficiency in order to provide long clear-spans with minimal invasive structure within the interior of the building footprint. Full height precast walls make up the building envelope for durability, ability for infrastructure support, and also aesthetics responding to the surrounding environment.

The facility’s overall shape maximizes the site parameters, allowing for an efficient docking and logistics area, clear circulation around the facility for both trucks and cars, and allows for future expansion to the building as well as a potential future building of the same size. Respecting adjacent residential properties as well as planning for current and future on-site septic systems were key factors the design team also handled during the site planning process. CDG also performed design studies on the feasibility of trailer staging areas pending future opportunities the Owner was pursuing - the final site layout incorporated these concepts in order to provide the Owner with all future possibilities.


The Office area houses the corporate headquarters staff, as well as breaks additional spaces into multiple areas in order to provide support space adjacent to multiple projects and processes the Owner may have in operation. Flexibility is also the key design feature in the support areas, as future Office areas are roughed in at other locations in the facility, and the open office areas utilize raised access flooring along with movable partitions as the Owner’s needs evolve in the future.